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loudclear was established in 2011 when three partner agencies merged their distinct strengths to create one of Niagara’s largest full-service marketing and advertising firms. The partnership brought together creative advertising agencies Loud Advertising and Alderson & Company with the strategic marketing and public relations consultancy, Mitchell Westlake. The firm’s three agency principals, Chris Robertson, Stan DiFruscio and Erin Mitchell, bring more than 45 years of combined marketing and communications experience to the firm.

Create a balance between incredibly loud and obsessively clear, and you’ll find Stan, Chris, Erin and the rest of our team hanging out somewhere at all points along that spectrum. It makes for some pretty interesting staff meetings.

It also means our clients benefit from the great things that happen when strong personalities challenge each other to think differently, see things from another perspective and consider new approaches.


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From the tiniest tactic to major multi-faceted campaigns, Loud+Clear’s full-service, at-your-service approach provides clients with direct access to our strategic centres of excellence and allows for the in-house management of a diverse range of marketing projects.

Loud+Clear’s strategic planning expertise, proven experience and vast network of contacts ensure client projects are positioned for success right from the start.

Loud+Clear leverages decades of creative and technical experience across multiple sectors and applications to create award-winning content and creative that breaks away from the pack.

It doesn’t stop at links that are loved, swoon-worthy print pieces and eagerly clicked-upon email marketing. We’re mad for measurement. Some would say even a little obsessed. It’s what ensures our clients don’t just finish the race, they win it.

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Wishing all of our clients and friends happy holidays and all the best in 2017

Ick or Click? Is your email marketing making the grade?


At Loud+Clear we tweet and hashtag and pin and post, but we still have a serious crush on email marketing. We like to think of e-marketing subscribers as people who have walked up to us on the street, given us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and said, “Please send me something lovely.” This important group is your most qualified audience. They have asked to have a relationship with you. It’s important to get it right!

In a messaging marketplace that is jam-packed with distractions, a direct path to your consumer’s inbox only increases in value. In fact, according to research conducted by VentureBeat, email as a channel has generated the highest ROI for marketers for 10 years in a row. They’ve crunched the numbers and believe that for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

How can you be sure you’re making the most of your email marketing spend? After years of helping clients assess and improve their e-marketing plans we’ve discovered 8 common mistakes that can result in “icks” instead of “clicks.” So, grab your last e-blast and check to see if you’re guilty of any of these missteps.

Email Marketing Mistake #1: The Plan Ban

We get it. You’re busy and before you know it, your calendar says it’s time to send out another e-blast. So you scramble to find some content and hit send to make your deadline. Good email marketing requires a solid plan that incorporates factors such as message frequency, optimum scheduling for your audience, content and call-to-action planning. Taking an intentional approach generates results. If you’re too busy to pull together a plan, talk to us about creating one for you. You’ll be surprised by how much time it can save.

Email Marketing Mistake #2: The No Grow

It may seem obvious, but the creative and production effort you are investing in email marketing messages stays the same whether you’re sending it to 100 people or 100,000. We’ve had impressive results with a variety of tactics to help clients grow qualified audience size. In fact, in late 2015 we helped one client quadruple their database in just a matter of weeks. Part of a good growth strategy includes routine database maintenance and segmentation, which is something we can also help with.

Email Marketing Mistake #3: The Snoring Subject Line

Paving the path to more inboxes is key, but ensuring those messages get opened once they get there is even more important. This is where a well-crafted subject line is critical. For the next week, pay extra attention to the messages that catch your eye in your inbox. Does the subject line “April Newsletter” leave you itching to learn more?

Email Marketing Mistake #4: The Time Warp

Think of your email marketing template like a pair of shoes. Do you really want to still be sporting the Crocs you bought in 2007? Maybe your shoes are in style, but in need of a good polish. Just a few tweaks by our design team can put a whole lot of spring back in your step.

Email Marketing Mistake #5: Failure to Pull the Trigger

What happens when someone signs up to your database through your website? What happens when they make a purchase? What happens when it’s their birthday? If your answer is nothing, consider setting up some email messages that are triggered as a result of specific actions. We’ve just seen some research showing that open rates for “triggered” email messages are 76% higher than “business as usual” messages. That’s worth doing some experimenting with, isn’t it?

Email Marketing Mistake #6: The Ugly Mobile Selfie

Don’t assume because you’re using one of the big e-marketing software platforms that your messages are automatically being optimized for mobile users. It’s worth taking the time to check and correct. Don’t forget to check subject lines and any call-to-action links to your website. Research suggests that more than 71% of people will hit the delete button if an email message doesn’t display properly on their phone. Our Digital Team can help.

Email Marketing Mistake #7: The Empty Hander

Your email subscribers are like loyal friends who are inviting you into their homes. You need to regularly present them with a thoughtful hostess gift or they may start ignoring the doorbell. Whether it’s an exclusive subscriber offer, a direct link to a collection of deals or just some really helpful information that will make their lives easier, send them something that will make them feel valued and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll thank you with a click.

Email Marketing Mistake #8: The CASL Cowboy

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages without the recipient’s consent. If you think it doesn’t apply to you, think again. The grace period on CASL is coming to an end soon, so if you’re not yet compliant with all of the facets of this legislation (or worse, don’t even know what CASL is!), you’d better get up-to-speed now. Let us help you.

If you’re thinking it may be time to up your email game, we’d love to help. From complete e-marketing audits and plans to template tweaks and mobile optimization, we can take your email marketing to the next level. Email us and let’s get to work.

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Marketing in 2016

Are you feeling like it’s time to give your marketing efforts a little spring shake up? Here are 4 simple things you can do to inject some oomph into your 2016 marketing plans.

Get your images moving

Design blog, Creative Bloq, predicts that cinemagraphs (that’s the trick behind the flowing glass of wine in the image at the top of this page) will be one of the hottest web design trends to dominate 2016. These live images jump off the screen and can grab attention in a whole new way on web pages and in social media posts, email marketing campaigns and digital advertising.

Can moving images really make that big of a difference? Mercedes Benz Canada saw a 34% lift in ad recall across 3 campaigns that featured cinemagraphs. Loud+Clear has the software and the expertise to create cinemagraphs for your digital marketing efforts. Let’s talk about how we can create these attention-grabbing images for you.

Give your social media efforts a boost

Ask one of your Facebook followers when the last time was they saw one of your carefully crafted posts and their response may bring tears to your eyes. We saw some amazing results in 2015 helping clients turn up the volume on their social media efforts with Facebook advertising. Adding an investment of less than $15 per day to their marketing mix, one client tripled the sales on the featured product in one week, with a single targeted Facebook ad.

Cast the net a little wider

Even if you’ve dipped your line in the digital waters by buying ads on individual websites, there is a more cost efficient and effective digital advertising solution. Programmatic digital advertising allows you to reach a highly-targeted audience with no risk of your message being wasted on the wrong audience. One recent client campaign yielded 15 times more website visits with a programmatic approach for the same dollar investment of buying ads on individual websites.

Turn your story into a bestseller

If you’re not doing content marketing yet, you should be. Online native advertising allows you to introduce your story to consumers across multiple websites through content-driven headlines, and we’re seeing some impressive results. For many of our clients, we’re not only writing great stories, we’re actively promoting them. Clients who were spending $1,000 on a single print ad that may have reached 50,000 readers are now thrilled to be reaching a targeted audience of 400,000 for the same investment with native advertising.

Interested in creating a cinemagraph, leveraging Facebook advertising, or experimenting with some new digital marketing tactics in 2016?  Email us and let Loud+Clear’s dedicated content, digital and media buying teams get the ball rolling.

Loud+Clear. Great ideas. Delivered.


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